What Are Plushies and Furries?


It should be noted that there are a number of terms that are often associated in the furry fandom. These terms range from having negative to positive connotations. A huge number of furries want to keep the fandom in the positive light and as such, they want to make things clear and try to stray away from the negative ones. One of the terms that has been associated to the fandom are plushies. Let us look at what plushies are and how they are different from furries.

The term plushies by itself may look innocent as they are often used to describe a stuffed animal that are relatively small in nature. However, if you dig deeper you may realize the word plushie has a more profound meaning. Plushie is a term used to someone with an interest in stuffed animals. With that being said, other fans take their love for plushie to an extreme level which is called plushophilia. This term is often referred to a manifested in a sexual attraction to the said object. Not all cases are similar however, since the term plushies can also be used to refer to non-sexual stuffed animal enthusiasts.


If you are in the furry fandom just for fun, then a plush animal collecting community may be best suited for your needs. These individuals are frequent collector of plush toys that range from different shapes and sizes. Others start with their plush collecting at the early years of their childhood while others begin later in life. For fans who have been collecting plushies for years, they tend to become pickier the quality of plush toys often becoming connoisseurs as a result. This in turn has led to people to become dealers of stuffed toys or makers who are eager to share their collection to the world.

Network plays an important role with plushophiles as they tend to reach one another to notify them of new toys as well as those that are in limited production, especially these very strange tail plugs. Serious collectors even take the extra efforts in obtaining two of the same item; one for display and use, and another for safe keeping making them very dedicated to their hobby.

Plushies and furries are indeed terms that are linked to each other. Hopefully this article has helped clear thing out about the two term to help avoid the confusion. Start building your plushie collection today!


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