Top five 15 year anniversary gifts that can be given

If you are married to the same person for more than a decade, you are one of the most fortunate beings on this planet. If one has spent 15 years of his or her life with the same partner, it is a testimony of the understanding they have with each other. So, to bless the couple with the most thoughtful gifts, we bring you our list of 15 year anniversary gifts.

A pair of coffee mugs:

There is something about the coffee mugs that can excite people of all ages, once they are able to hold it. If it has the name of either one inscribed with writing – ‘the best husband in the world’ and ‘the best wife in the world’, you know you have created an impact!

A photo frame:

Memories are precious, more so because they are the only remaining strands of the good times that we had. Capture the memory in a click; put it in a photo frame and you know you are all set to make the memory immortal. A photo frame would be a good 15 year anniversary gift for the deserving couple. Look for something that is in a retro design and you would know that you have already found the perfect gift for the couple.

A ticket for a holiday:

For those who can spend that extra buck to see a smile or two in your loved one’s face, it would be a good idea to gift the couple a ticket to a holiday destination. Everybody needs a break from the routine to recharge their minds and bodies. The couple who has spent 15 years together deserves time to be spent alone, away from the melee of their professional life.

A sculpture:

If you are looking for something that scores high in terms of aesthetic value, but not much in utility, then you can look to gift a well-sculpted statue or even a cast. A sculpture of a couple sitting with their handheld says quite a lot of things that words cannot. A sculpture of a couple kissing also would not be a bad idea for 15 year anniversary gift.

A romantic novel:

This isthe gift for the couples have a penchant for reading. A romantic novel can rekindle those dormant feelings and reveal the love that prevails in the air. If the couple is not the reader kind, a set of romantic movie DVDs would do!

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