Is It Safe to Use Vintage Dinnerware in Restaurants?


Vintage dinnerware is something many restaurant owners are proud of having. These items are known to be fairly unique and rare making them easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. One main concern of restaurant owners is when to decide to have their vintage dinnerware used especially since these items are one of a kind. Let us look at a few factors that need to be considered before you decide to use vintage dinnerware for your restaurant.



Timing plays a very important role when one plans to use vintage dinnerware for their restaurant. A good opportunity to showcase your vintage dinnerware is when you are holding specials events, gatherings and celebrations for your guests. Using these items will in turn make their lunch or dinner even more memorable special than before.



Most vintage dinnerware is kept stored for long periods of time. This in turn increases the likelihood of these items collecting dust and accumulating other foreign objects over time, unlike sp which is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned easily. You don’t want to serve your guest dirty dinnerware as this can affect your restaurant in a negative way. For that matter, make sure to have your vintage dinnerware thoroughly cleaned before the big event. Washing them in hot water is advised as this can help speed up the loosening of fats and other crust. This in turn makes them much easier to clean allowing them to be used in a timely manner. Using hot water also allows them to dry easily saving you a fair amount of time in the process.


Consider Your Guest


Formal events benefit greatly from the use of vintage dinnerware which adds sophistication and style with your event. With that being said, vintage dinnerware is not a suitable item to be used on all occasions. A good example of this is during a children’s party. These types of parties have a huge likelihood of having broken dishes to occur and you don’t want your vintage dinnerware to end up in pieces. During such parties, it may be best to look for other alternatives or perhaps go for a much casual themed dinnerware instead.

Vintage dinnerware is indeed a great item to showcase to your guest. With that being said, it is important that to consider their usage. Of course, you want your dinnerware to be used on another occasion so make sure to consider the tips listed above to help you keep them safe.

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