How are squishies made?


Squishies have become a powerhouse in the toy industry amassing millions of fans all over the world. The squishy craze is growing in popularity and people seem to not get enough of their cute and adorable design. Newcomers want to know more about this craze resulting to a number of questions revolving around squishies. One of them is on how they are produced and manufactured.

Squishies boast a huge amount of variety and diverseness with the plethora of design they offer. This in turn makes each and every one of these squishies look different and unique from the rest of the design. A huge contributing factor to its uniqueness and individuality lies behind the material that is responsible in creating them.

Squishies are made from a material known as PU which stands for Polyurethane. Polyurethane has been around for quite some time being used in several applications over the years. This includes building insulation, refrigerators and freezers, furniture and bedding, footwear, automotive, coatings and adhesives, and many more.

Polyurethane is often a material of choice due to its flexibility. This allows their users to customized it to suit the requirements of a particular industry and one of them can be found in the form of squishies. With their help, countless number of squishies are made and their unique designs has become a huge possibility. They are also considered to be perfectly safe as long as you avoid ingesting them.


Because of their huge popularity, people are finding unique ways on how to have their very own squishies. Aside from buying them in toy stores, some collectors and fans have decided to make their very own squishies in the same way Windsor smith’s people do it. This in turn helps give their squishies a sense of pride and accomplishment as they are able to make one themselves to add to their collection.

It is good to hear that fans will not be finding any shortage of information on how to make squishies. There are plenty of articles posted over the internet giving an in-depth guide on how to create one. Aside from that, a huge number of online videos are also shared online that provides a step by step tutorial in the creation process of squishies. Having them readily available is a very much welcomed feature as you can view these videos at any given time when the need calls for you to do so. Try making your very own squishy today!

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