How to Make Personalized 15 Year Anniversary Gift Baskets: Creating Hand-Crafted Gifts for Those You Care About Most

It is not difficult to put together a fabulous, personalized 15 Year Anniversary gift basket. Plan ahead for the items that you’d like to place in the basket as well as where you’d like to shop for your items. If you plan to make some of the items, be sure to allow time for this. Purchase a basket that will fit everything. Buy a roll of clear cellophane (from any gift shop or gift section) as well as some trimmings that fit the theme and color scheme you have planned. Gathering these things can actually be lots of fun!

Needed items:

  • Small gifts that speak to the personality of the person     you wish to celebrate

  • A gift basket that looks attractive and is the right     size to hold the gifts

  • Decorative items such as bows, ribbons, silk flowers,     candy, etc.

  • A roll of cellophane wrap

  • Masking tape, clear tape, scissors, and a medium sized     rubber band

Once you have all of your items, place them in a safe place in your home, dorm room, or office until you have time to put the gift basket together. Think about when you will be free from other distractions such as work, school, and household chores and then designate a day and time for to complete this fun task.

When you are finally ready to put together the personalized gift basket follow these simple steps:

Find an Appropriate Space to Get Started

Decide where you want to work. You can use a large surface such as a kitchen or dining room table or you can even utilize a clean carpeted floor space. Keep all pets and children away from any fragile items such as glass and ceramic.

Spread out everything that will go into the basket in such a way that you can get a good look at the colors and designs on packages such as tea boxes or bath and shower gel bottles as well as objects such as scented candles and coffee mugs. Place decorative items such as silk flowers, ribbons, and bows in a separate area along with the roll of cellophane wrap.

Place the basket in front of you and decide if you need to place crushed newspaper or balled up grocery bags in the bottom to help prop up the gifts you want to place inside. If you need to do this, be sure to use gift tissue as the top layer of the base you have created. This helps to keep the overall color and appearance of the gift basket attractive.

Take Great Care When Arranging the Gift Basket

Begin to place your carefully chosen 15 year anniversary gift into the basket, placing large items in first. Do not clump things of similar size all together. Make sure that the basket has a balanced appearance with complimentary colors embracing each other.

For example: a tea and coffee gift basket could include a box of tea, a small package of coffee, two mugs, a small honey bear, a scented candle, a 5”x8” picture frame and a soothing sounds CD. The picture frame and the CD would probably need to be placed in the basket first with the box of tea and the package propped up against them. The mugs may go in the middle, nestled between the box of tea and the package of coffee while the honey bear is tucked off to the side (somewhere next to the box of tea).

Use Taste When Adding Decorative Touches

Add decorative items like a sprinkling of silk flowers. Use a strong pair of scissors to separate the plastic stems from the bunch of flowers you have chosen and carefully and tastefully tuck a few in choice spots amongst the gifts in the basket. Try not to over do it, as less is sometimes more!

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement of the gifts in the basket, roll out and cut off enough of the cellophane wrap to sufficiently cover the entire basket with enough left over to make a little poof gathered at the top of the basket.

Place the basket in the middle of the cellophane and gather it at the top of the basket and secure it with a rubber band. Use small pieces of clear tape to close the cellophane on the sides of the basket as discreetly as possible. Adjust the poof at the top of the gift basket as needed and use scissors to neatly cut off any excess.

Use bows and ribbons that coordinate well with the gifts inside the basket in order to dress up the outside of the basket. You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you’d like! When you are finished, step back to get a good look at your work! The person to whom you plan to present this personalized gift basket will likely be quite flattered!