Unique Wedding Photo Booth Alternatives


The growing popularity of photo booths has made their reach more expansive not limiting themselves to business establishments such as malls, but now can be also found in several parties and events. Weddings have also benefited greatly from the addition of photo booth rental making their event more engaging and fun for their guests to enjoy. The wedding photo booth concept has been used in several occasions making it important to find alternatives to maintain its freshness. This in turn reduces the likelihood of them feeling a bit too stale and predictable to your users. Let us look at some unique photo booth alternatives you can use for your weddings.


Garden wedding themes in Raleigh, North Carolina is quite common with them sporting a number of wonderful sights and vistas people see on a regular day to day basis. See for additional reading. You can take advantage of the scenery by setting up an outdoor photo booth in your wedding location. Enjoy the fresh cool breeze as you take a couple of pictures with your friends from the photo booth. Make your outdoor photo booth feel more unique by adding the necessary changes to your background as well as your backdrop. For instance, you can a mini tent for picture taking purpose. You can also add wooden chairs for that authentic outdoor experience while at the same time allow for more varied poses.


A number of wedding photo booths today in the present have also made good use of picture frames. These items are fairly common and accessible making them easy to find. Look for old picture frames at home and use them for your wedding photo booth. Empty picture frames with the wedding couples or guests behind them can result to fun poses by adding some unique 3D elements to your pictures without the need to spend a fortune.

Weddings are considered to be a once in a lifetime events and this is the reason why couples often take the extra steps in making sure their wedding is something their guests will remember dearly. Consider the tips and ideas mentioned in this article when trying to integrate unique alternatives to your wedding photo booth. Don’t take the value of what photo booth companies is able to bring into the table lightly as they are also able to provide their fresh take on how to help on your design with the booth that you will be using.

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Is It Safe to Use Vintage Dinnerware in Restaurants?


Vintage dinnerware is something many restaurant owners are proud of having. These items are known to be fairly unique and rare making them easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. One main concern of restaurant owners is when to decide to have their vintage dinnerware used especially since these items are one of a kind. Let us look at a few factors that need to be considered before you decide to use vintage dinnerware for your restaurant.



Timing plays a very important role when one plans to use vintage dinnerware for their restaurant. A good opportunity to showcase your vintage dinnerware is when you are holding specials events, gatherings and celebrations for your guests. Using these items will in turn make their lunch or dinner even more memorable special than before.



Most vintage dinnerware is kept stored for long periods of time. This in turn increases the likelihood of these items collecting dust and accumulating other foreign objects over time, unlike sp which is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned easily. You don’t want to serve your guest dirty dinnerware as this can affect your restaurant in a negative way. For that matter, make sure to have your vintage dinnerware thoroughly cleaned before the big event. Washing them in hot water is advised as this can help speed up the loosening of fats and other crust. This in turn makes them much easier to clean allowing them to be used in a timely manner. Using hot water also allows them to dry easily saving you a fair amount of time in the process.


Consider Your Guest


Formal events benefit greatly from the use of vintage dinnerware which adds sophistication and style with your event. With that being said, vintage dinnerware is not a suitable item to be used on all occasions. A good example of this is during a children’s party. These types of parties have a huge likelihood of having broken dishes to occur and you don’t want your vintage dinnerware to end up in pieces. During such parties, it may be best to look for other alternatives or perhaps go for a much casual themed dinnerware instead.

Vintage dinnerware is indeed a great item to showcase to your guest. With that being said, it is important that to consider their usage. Of course, you want your dinnerware to be used on another occasion so make sure to consider the tips listed above to help you keep them safe.

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Urns: A Way To Give Tribute To Your Pet


Death of a pet is devastating to anyone. If you have taken care of a pet, you’ll know and realize how devastating it can be. As the pet occupies a significant time of our daily life, being not there, is just hard to admit at times. A dog that welcomes you when you come from job, is no longer there and what rests is emptiness. This thought is devastating and can make most people emotional. It’s the attachment that we will miss and it can never be the same again. That’s why memorial services do get held. For some people, holding a memorial is a little bit of strange as, it is more natural to do for a human than an animal. But the people who owned an animal, usually shares the sentiment that, an animal is equally a family member as a human can be. That’s why, holding memorial service is customary not only because it eases up the healing process but the tribute that’s shown to the dead animal is praise worthy. It’s not just a tribute rather it’s like cherishing the bond that you had with your animal and reflection of the good moments. Various people pay tribute in various ways and whatever way you feel the peace, and what works, should be done.



Urns are a popular way to hold memorial. Interestingly, this is a service offered by Lc memorials. For the societies where cremation is a custom, urns can hold a special value. With the cremation, the ashes that were born, you can put it in an urn and hold it to yourself forever. With this, you hold a special part of the pet and even if time flies, it will be with you forever. The emotional value that comes along with preserving the dead within an urn is immense and which is why, since pre historic era, different civilization has put priorities in it. Call it Greek or ancient Hindu civilization, be it human or animal, it was a customary to cremate the body and along with it, comes the concept of keeping the ash as a memory.

With the urn, it makes a perfect combination as urn usually hold a great aesthetic value. You can choose an urn and design it such a way that it can give a reflection to the nature of the pet. Bright colors usually implies to the pet as having a characteristics of chilly and playful. Now a days, you can even paint or put pictures of your pet on the urn so that, it becomes more personal. With its aesthetic beauty, the urn, while carrying the ashes, makes a perfect Combination to pay tribute to the pet. Hence, it’s been often used in various parts of the world to pay tribute.

We’ll always be emotionally bonded to our pet. Nothing can replace it and since it was a significant family member, the Memories will always stay with us. And urns gives the best way to show the respect and care.

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Destination Wedding Travel Costs: Reducing Costs of Traveling and Lodging When Marrying Abroad

Couples planning a Caribbean wedding, a Kauai wedding or ceremony in the snow will agree: traveling to a destination wedding can cost a lot. Try to get the best bargains and save on travel and lodging expenses with these easy-to-follow tips.

Be Flexible With the Destination

Sure, the Maldives is a beautiful location, but staying there for a week can cost a fortune. Why not opt for locations such as the Virgin Islands, Mexico or Jamaica? These counties are equally as beautiful and won’t cost as much.

Heading over to Europe? Choose for countries that are not so expensive. Getting married in Paris can be really expensive, but a marriage in sun-drenched Croatia will cost only half as much. Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are also good options for those not wanting to pay too much. A nice and tasteful dinner in these countries can cost anything from $2 to $10, drinks included. Lodging prices are equally as cheap, but expect to pay a little more in the big touristic areas like Thailand’s Phuket.

Play With the Dates of the Wedding and Honeymoon

It is absolutely necessary to get married during the busy holiday period? If not, couples can save a lot on airfares and lodging expenses just by avoiding travel during the holiday season.

Most hotels will offer cheaper rates for the same amenities during low-season and room rates can even drop $350 a night. Also, calling the hotels and inquiring about special deals (like honeymoon specials or room-rate promotions) can do the trick. Don’t mind about getting hitched during the hurricane season? Then benefit from the special promotions offered by hotel resorts located in the Caribbean area, Florida or Mexico and save hundreds of dollars.

Boarding the plane on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a Monday or Saturday can also save a lot of money. Check airfares on Tuesday nights, that’s when the best bargains can be found.

Choose for All-Inclusive Packages or Rooms With a Kitchenette

Why pay $35 for a meager breakfast? Get a room with a kitchenette and buy food at local stores. Cook up a nice meal and save tens of dollars a day or spend the saved amount on a dinner splurge.

For couples who don’t like to cook themselves but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for breakfast and dinner each day, an all-inclusive package is the best option. These packages include 3 meals a day (often in buffet style), several snacks during the day, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and ice-creams. Beware though, couples planning to spend a lot of time on excursions or daytrips will not benefit from these kind of packages. Not being at the hotel means not being able to profit from the free food and drinks.

Check Exchange Rates of the Wedding Destination

Off course currencies fluctuate on a daily basis, but some countries always offer the best value, not matter the financial climate. These include Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, South-East Asia and Argentina.

Being Flexible will Save Money

Choosing an affordable destination for a wedding and/or honeymoon and being flexible with dates are two easy ways for couples wanting to save money. Destination packages and traveling outside the busy holiday season are also great money savers.

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Choosing the Right Pillow

Pillow has become a vital component in our day to day life as, the work we do, the more it tends to sitting around a desk, more issues a pillow can resolve. Just think about it, how many of us, who sits around the computer the whole day, is suffering from back or neck pain? Most of the time, we used to think that, there’s something wrong in our body but more often than not, it can be due to a very simple reason – the wrong alignment while sitting for a long time which creates tension along the spinal cord resulting in pain.

Now there’s nothing we can do as, we have to face adverse situations in work place and we do have to endure it. What is in our control, is that, while sleeping, we can provide the neck and the back, the perfect alignment with which, all these pain related issues can be resolved up to some level if not completely.

This where zonkd.com helps you in choosing one basic aspect of sleeping…. The Pillow. Generally pillows are made for with taking into account of how large number of people will want. But the end result is devastating. It will be a neither here nor there. No two persons are same and they have different habits. So how one pillow can suit them all?

Wouldn’t it have been nicer had you had options while choosing a pillow? With zonkd.com, now there is indeed a solution. Zonkd.com provides you with the options to choose the right pillow for you. No one will dictate what type of pillow you should use but only you.

If you love to sleep on the stomach, then zonkd.com provides a flat pillow so that, even while sleeping, the body remains in an angle which eases the tension and much of the body weight is evenly distributed rather than putting all in the same place thus avoiding the issues of future pain. Not only that, but even if you sleep in different position than above, zonkd.com can help you in choosing the right pillow for that occasion too. Supposing you love to sleep on the side, a flat pillow isn’t a suitable replacement as it was in the case above. For you, a puffy pillow will be needed which will take the body weight thus maintaining the angle of the body while sleeping sideways. With the option of choosing from puffy pillows in various ranges, you also have the opportunity to use them as leg spacers.

The main aspect to notice here is, you aren’t bind to anything. With years of research behind their back, zonkd.com has devised various customization by which, you can chose the pillow that’s right for you. Even there’s a hybrid type where a balance between flat and puffiness is met which is used for people sleeping on their back.

It’s the quality and nature of the material which distinguishes each of the categories. Pillow was never considered an important aspect in our life, but as years turning, many researchers have come to conclusions that, it is the pillows and the core material from which they are made, can make a big difference.

Remember last time when you had woken up with a big headache? It may very well can be attributed to you sleeping in a position which your body may not sustain thus working up the pain receptors which will in turn initiate the pain. With zonkd.com, now you simply have the opportunity to choose the right pillow for you and freedom from all those headaches or back pain.


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How to celebrate your 15 year anniversary

If you wake up one day and realize that you are soon going to celebrate 15 year anniversary, it would make you both nostalgic as well as emotional. You are going to complete 15 years of association with the person you walked the aisle with. 15 years is indeed a very long time. Considering the changing world and lack of time one has for others, being with the same partner for 15 years in by no stretch of imagination a mean task. You are among the chosen few who have been privileged to remain committed and nurtured over and over again. Nobody can make the event special than you yourselves – the couple.

15 year anniversary gift-2

15 year anniversary is also a stark reminder that you are not going to get any younger. It is a gentle tap to remind you to continue your course with your life partner. If you are looking for a unique gift, take a look at slateplate’s 15 year anniversary gift. You can consider a diamond ring. A diamond is forever. Like the luster remains dazzling, so should your partnership. A diamond ring would make an ideal 15 year anniversary gift for your partner. If you can go a bit further, you can surprise your partner with a pair of wedding band. If possible renew your wedding vows as well and bring back memories of the beginning of 15 years of love, sacrifice, and affection.

Just finding out a 15 year anniversary gift is not enough to celebrate the auspicious moment. What is the point of celebrations if you cannot be with your partner on the anniversary day? So the first gift that you can give your partner is your time and attention. Be together from the morning till the midnight and do everything together. I can give an idea about the food. Cook the lunch at home (together) and go for a candle light dinner at night. Do not forget to cut a cake.

15 year anniversary gift -1

For those who are trying to figure out the perfect 15 year anniversary gift – crystal is the theme used for 15th wedding anniversary. But let me tell you, 15 years you have been with your partner and you know what he/she needs. Buy one gift that is always useful for your partner. This will give your partner the comfort and safe feeling – My wife/husband knows what I need.

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