The Best Themes for a Corporate Event Photo Booth


Photo booths in the present take advantage of a number of themes which helps setup the atmosphere that they are going for. Doing so will contribute greatly in helping make your photo booth stand out making them feel more unique. Interesting photo booth in Melbourne takes advantage of themes in designing their booth for their guests to use. Corporate parties are considered to be grand event hosting a large number of guests. It is important to keep guests busy and engaged and photo booths are able to do just that with the pictures they provide. Let us look at some of the best themes you can integrate to your corporate photo booth.

A number of event organizers are taking advantage of the holiday season when designing their photo booth which is perfect if your event is close to an upcoming holiday. This includes holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day Booth, Christmas Photo Booth, New Year’s Eve Photo Booth, a Valentine’s Day and the likes. Most of the photo booth rental company provides such holiday theme to their clients along with matching props, backgrounds as well as backdrops. Holiday themes provide a breath of familiarity making your guests feel right at home when using your photo booth.


Aside from holidays, you can also use other recognizable themes for your corporate event photo booth. A carnival booth for instance, is something that you will not be finding everyday and can be a great way to help breathe new life to your event. You can also match the current weather which your event is being held. This includes a winter themed photo booth or perhaps one that is inspired by summer, autumn or fall. Having these type of themes setup and prepared will definitely go a long way as it helps avoid keeping your photo booth feeling stale or uninspired.

We’ve mentioned a few of the many themes you can use for your corporate photo booth event. It should be noted that all of these themes require a fair amount of time and effort in order for them to work. Fortunately, event organizers are not left alone to prepare them on their own as readily available help can be found through photo booth rental companies. For that matter, make sure that you cooperate with your photo booth company of choice as you work together during their creation.

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What Are Plushies and Furries?


It should be noted that there are a number of terms that are often associated in the furry fandom. These terms range from having negative to positive connotations. A huge number of furries want to keep the fandom in the positive light and as such, they want to make things clear and try to stray away from the negative ones. One of the terms that has been associated to the fandom are plushies. Let us look at what plushies are and how they are different from furries.

The term plushies by itself may look innocent as they are often used to describe a stuffed animal that are relatively small in nature. However, if you dig deeper you may realize the word plushie has a more profound meaning. Plushie is a term used to someone with an interest in stuffed animals. With that being said, other fans take their love for plushie to an extreme level which is called plushophilia. This term is often referred to a manifested in a sexual attraction to the said object. Not all cases are similar however, since the term plushies can also be used to refer to non-sexual stuffed animal enthusiasts.


If you are in the furry fandom just for fun, then a plush animal collecting community may be best suited for your needs. These individuals are frequent collector of plush toys that range from different shapes and sizes. Others start with their plush collecting at the early years of their childhood while others begin later in life. For fans who have been collecting plushies for years, they tend to become pickier the quality of plush toys often becoming connoisseurs as a result. This in turn has led to people to become dealers of stuffed toys or makers who are eager to share their collection to the world.

Network plays an important role with plushophiles as they tend to reach one another to notify them of new toys as well as those that are in limited production, especially these very strange tail plugs. Serious collectors even take the extra efforts in obtaining two of the same item; one for display and use, and another for safe keeping making them very dedicated to their hobby.

Plushies and furries are indeed terms that are linked to each other. Hopefully this article has helped clear thing out about the two term to help avoid the confusion. Start building your plushie collection today!


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Unique Wedding Photo Booth Alternatives


The growing popularity of photo booths has made their reach more expansive not limiting themselves to business establishments such as malls, but now can be also found in several parties and events. Weddings have also benefited greatly from the addition of photo booth rental making their event more engaging and fun for their guests to enjoy. The wedding photo booth concept has been used in several occasions making it important to find alternatives to maintain its freshness. This in turn reduces the likelihood of them feeling a bit too stale and predictable to your users. Let us look at some unique photo booth alternatives you can use for your weddings.


Garden wedding themes in Raleigh, North Carolina is quite common with them sporting a number of wonderful sights and vistas people see on a regular day to day basis. See for additional reading. You can take advantage of the scenery by setting up an outdoor photo booth in your wedding location. Enjoy the fresh cool breeze as you take a couple of pictures with your friends from the photo booth. Make your outdoor photo booth feel more unique by adding the necessary changes to your background as well as your backdrop. For instance, you can a mini tent for picture taking purpose. You can also add wooden chairs for that authentic outdoor experience while at the same time allow for more varied poses.


A number of wedding photo booths today in the present have also made good use of picture frames. These items are fairly common and accessible making them easy to find. Look for old picture frames at home and use them for your wedding photo booth. Empty picture frames with the wedding couples or guests behind them can result to fun poses by adding some unique 3D elements to your pictures without the need to spend a fortune.

Weddings are considered to be a once in a lifetime events and this is the reason why couples often take the extra steps in making sure their wedding is something their guests will remember dearly. Consider the tips and ideas mentioned in this article when trying to integrate unique alternatives to your wedding photo booth. Don’t take the value of what photo booth companies is able to bring into the table lightly as they are also able to provide their fresh take on how to help on your design with the booth that you will be using.

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Is It Safe to Use Vintage Dinnerware in Restaurants?


Vintage dinnerware is something many restaurant owners are proud of having. These items are known to be fairly unique and rare making them easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. One main concern of restaurant owners is when to decide to have their vintage dinnerware used especially since these items are one of a kind. Let us look at a few factors that need to be considered before you decide to use vintage dinnerware for your restaurant.



Timing plays a very important role when one plans to use vintage dinnerware for their restaurant. A good opportunity to showcase your vintage dinnerware is when you are holding specials events, gatherings and celebrations for your guests. Using these items will in turn make their lunch or dinner even more memorable special than before.



Most vintage dinnerware is kept stored for long periods of time. This in turn increases the likelihood of these items collecting dust and accumulating other foreign objects over time, unlike sp which is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned easily. You don’t want to serve your guest dirty dinnerware as this can affect your restaurant in a negative way. For that matter, make sure to have your vintage dinnerware thoroughly cleaned before the big event. Washing them in hot water is advised as this can help speed up the loosening of fats and other crust. This in turn makes them much easier to clean allowing them to be used in a timely manner. Using hot water also allows them to dry easily saving you a fair amount of time in the process.


Consider Your Guest


Formal events benefit greatly from the use of vintage dinnerware which adds sophistication and style with your event. With that being said, vintage dinnerware is not a suitable item to be used on all occasions. A good example of this is during a children’s party. These types of parties have a huge likelihood of having broken dishes to occur and you don’t want your vintage dinnerware to end up in pieces. During such parties, it may be best to look for other alternatives or perhaps go for a much casual themed dinnerware instead.

Vintage dinnerware is indeed a great item to showcase to your guest. With that being said, it is important that to consider their usage. Of course, you want your dinnerware to be used on another occasion so make sure to consider the tips listed above to help you keep them safe.

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Urns: A Way To Give Tribute To Your Pet


Death of a pet is devastating to anyone. If you have taken care of a pet, you’ll know and realize how devastating it can be. As the pet occupies a significant time of our daily life, being not there, is just hard to admit at times. A dog that welcomes you when you come from job, is no longer there and what rests is emptiness. This thought is devastating and can make most people emotional. It’s the attachment that we will miss and it can never be the same again. That’s why memorial services do get held. For some people, holding a memorial is a little bit of strange as, it is more natural to do for a human than an animal. But the people who owned an animal, usually shares the sentiment that, an animal is equally a family member as a human can be. That’s why, holding memorial service is customary not only because it eases up the healing process but the tribute that’s shown to the dead animal is praise worthy. It’s not just a tribute rather it’s like cherishing the bond that you had with your animal and reflection of the good moments. Various people pay tribute in various ways and whatever way you feel the peace, and what works, should be done.



Urns are a popular way to hold memorial. Interestingly, this is a service offered by Lc memorials. For the societies where cremation is a custom, urns can hold a special value. With the cremation, the ashes that were born, you can put it in an urn and hold it to yourself forever. With this, you hold a special part of the pet and even if time flies, it will be with you forever. The emotional value that comes along with preserving the dead within an urn is immense and which is why, since pre historic era, different civilization has put priorities in it. Call it Greek or ancient Hindu civilization, be it human or animal, it was a customary to cremate the body and along with it, comes the concept of keeping the ash as a memory.

With the urn, it makes a perfect combination as urn usually hold a great aesthetic value. You can choose an urn and design it such a way that it can give a reflection to the nature of the pet. Bright colors usually implies to the pet as having a characteristics of chilly and playful. Now a days, you can even paint or put pictures of your pet on the urn so that, it becomes more personal. With its aesthetic beauty, the urn, while carrying the ashes, makes a perfect Combination to pay tribute to the pet. Hence, it’s been often used in various parts of the world to pay tribute.

We’ll always be emotionally bonded to our pet. Nothing can replace it and since it was a significant family member, the Memories will always stay with us. And urns gives the best way to show the respect and care.

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Destination Wedding Travel Costs: Reducing Costs of Traveling and Lodging When Marrying Abroad

Couples planning a Caribbean wedding, a Kauai wedding or ceremony in the snow will agree: traveling to a destination wedding can cost a lot. Try to get the best bargains and save on travel and lodging expenses with these easy-to-follow tips.

Be Flexible With the Destination

Sure, the Maldives is a beautiful location, but staying there for a week can cost a fortune. Why not opt for locations such as the Virgin Islands, Mexico or Jamaica? These counties are equally as beautiful and won’t cost as much.

Heading over to Europe? Choose for countries that are not so expensive. Getting married in Paris can be really expensive, but a marriage in sun-drenched Croatia will cost only half as much. Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are also good options for those not wanting to pay too much. A nice and tasteful dinner in these countries can cost anything from $2 to $10, drinks included. Lodging prices are equally as cheap, but expect to pay a little more in the big touristic areas like Thailand’s Phuket.

Play With the Dates of the Wedding and Honeymoon

It is absolutely necessary to get married during the busy holiday period? If not, couples can save a lot on airfares and lodging expenses just by avoiding travel during the holiday season.

Most hotels will offer cheaper rates for the same amenities during low-season and room rates can even drop $350 a night. Also, calling the hotels and inquiring about special deals (like honeymoon specials or room-rate promotions) can do the trick. Don’t mind about getting hitched during the hurricane season? Then benefit from the special promotions offered by hotel resorts located in the Caribbean area, Florida or Mexico and save hundreds of dollars.

Boarding the plane on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a Monday or Saturday can also save a lot of money. Check airfares on Tuesday nights, that’s when the best bargains can be found.

Choose for All-Inclusive Packages or Rooms With a Kitchenette

Why pay $35 for a meager breakfast? Get a room with a kitchenette and buy food at local stores. Cook up a nice meal and save tens of dollars a day or spend the saved amount on a dinner splurge.

For couples who don’t like to cook themselves but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for breakfast and dinner each day, an all-inclusive package is the best option. These packages include 3 meals a day (often in buffet style), several snacks during the day, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and ice-creams. Beware though, couples planning to spend a lot of time on excursions or daytrips will not benefit from these kind of packages. Not being at the hotel means not being able to profit from the free food and drinks.

Check Exchange Rates of the Wedding Destination

Off course currencies fluctuate on a daily basis, but some countries always offer the best value, not matter the financial climate. These include Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, South-East Asia and Argentina.

Being Flexible will Save Money

Choosing an affordable destination for a wedding and/or honeymoon and being flexible with dates are two easy ways for couples wanting to save money. Destination packages and traveling outside the busy holiday season are also great money savers.

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